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As a thriving Block Producer candidate on the EOS chain EOS Amsterdam is always looking at new opportunities to grow and add value to the EOSIO ecosystem. This includes looking at different EOSIO chains and the opportunities they offer. After analysing many different EOSIO chains we have come to the conclusion that the BOS chain is currently most compatible with our vision and goals, which is why we are proud to make the following announcement:

EOS Amsterdam is joining the BOS network as a Block Producer candidate. We are joining the BOS network because we believe in our abilities to operate on multiple chains and are determined to contribute to the EOSIO ecosystem as a whole. We are joining BOS with our strong technical support and our expertise in blockchain governance.

These are not the only reasons for our Block Producer candidacy on BOS, though. BOS also has an improved random function, will reduce the LIB (Last Irreversible Block) time to 3 seconds and has IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) support, which we believe will be really powerful in combination with Europechain, one of our other projects.

Bringing the Light API to BOS

But what will be our first actual contributions to the BOS ecosystem? Our CTO, well-known community member cc32d9, spearheaded the production of the new version of the EOSIO Light API. The API provides many important features such as querying the information of all current token balances for an account, CPU and network delegations, account permissions and several other things. It also provides top N reports for token holders and stakes and has various other features. The API is currently in use by Bloks.io, Scatter, and many other exchanges and wallets and will also be available for the BOS chain.

Escrow contract

We have also deployed the “escrowescrow” contract on BOS. This is a building stone for all kinds of E-Commerce, and it allows two parties to agree on a deal, and the contract serves as a custody for the payment. It is free to use by anyone, and we encourage dApp developers to embrace and start using it. The smart contract development was co-sponsored by EOS Geneva. See a detailed description here.

Governance expertise

In addition to what has been said earlier, we will also be offering our governance expertise through one of our founders, Jetse Sprey, who is an experienced blockchain lawyer. Jetse is the owner of a major Dutch law firm with and has been actively participating in EOS mainnet governance debates. We will leverage our strength and expertise and will continue to contribute to the BOS mainnet.

How to vote for us

You can find us on BOS under the account name ‘amsterdambos’, we hope to receive your votes soon.

Note: Do NOT mistake the account name ‘amsterdambo1’ for ‘amsterdambos’, it is NOT owned by or affiliated with EOS Amsterdam in any way. Please do not vote for this account and consider voting for our real account, ‘amsterdambos’, instead.

About us

Founding block producer for the EOS mainnet. Block producer for the BOS mainnet. Partner in the Europechain sister chain. Investor in blockchain projects. Governance, intercultural cooperation and security specialist. You can find us here:
EOS Block Producer name: eosamsterdam
BOS Block Producer name: amsterdambos

Written by

Founding block producer for the EOS Mainnet. WAX Guild. Partner in Europechain. Investor in blockchain projects.

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