EOS Amsterdam To Join Telos

We are happy to announce that EOS Amsterdam is joining the Telos network! Our nodes are currently up and running, and we are ready to receive votes. With the strength and experience of our team, we aim to be both a reliable and continuously contributing block producer.

What is Telos?

Goals Included:

  • Built-in dispute resolution contract
  • Clear and enforceable on-chain node operator standards
  • Worker Proposal System
  • An inverse-weighted voting protocol to discourage collusion and increase voter participation.
  • IPFS (Telos Interplanetary File System)
  • Resources administration program
  • The Telos Foundation: A neutral network support and promotion organization.

Why we are joining Telos

Additionally, we aim to be more than just a reliable block producer. Using our diverse team, we plan on continuously adding value in many different ways. We will describe some of our plans below. You can also view some of our previous contributions here.

How we plan on adding value to the Telos ecosystem

Two of the things we offer, are the Light API and State Track API for both the Telos mainnet and Telos testnet. These APIs provide various key functionalities, and are used by almost all popular (EOSIO) block explorers and Scatter. We will continue to maintain and host these APIs.

We are also performing research and innovation. Behind the scenes, we are always looking for new and exciting ideas which improve the Telos/EOSIO experience and accelerate mainstream adoption. Some of our ideas can be found here.

To further test our equipment and future updates, we will actively participate in the Telos testnet. One of our nodes is already live and participating in the testnet.

Of course our contributions are not limited to the above three points. We aim to contribute in various other ways as well, ranging from the creation of educational content, to community support, to the promotion of Telos on blockchain events.

How to vote for EOS Amsterdam

Thank you for your continued support! If you would like to learn more about us, visit our website or have a look at the ‘About us’ section below.

About us

Founding block producer for the EOS Mainnet. WAX Guild. Partner in Europechain. Investor in blockchain projects.

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