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A little over two months ago, we announced our WAX Guild candidacy, and a lot has happened since then. In this article, we will showcase what we have been doing and what we plan on doing in the future.

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One of the most important announcements since our WAX Guild candidacy announcement, has been the announcement of the WAX Guild Showcase. The WAX Guild Showcase offers Guilds an opportunity to showcase what value they can add to the WAX ecosystem. Following the announcement, we wrote various proposals, which showcased how we plan on adding value to the WAX ecosystem. We have been putting a lot of effort into materializing these proposals ever since.

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As said above, we wrote various proposals for the WAX Guild Showcase. Three, to be specific. These proposals focus on three different areas in the WAX ecosystem, where we could leverage our strengths best to add the most value to the ecosystem.

Educational content and community support
Our first proposal focuses on the creation of educational content and further supporting the WAX community by answering both general and technical questions of community members in various WAX channels. While the WAX blog (and the WAX Developer Hive) provide a solid basis for both beginners and more advanced users, we believe it is valuable to have another entity in the space creating educational content and providing additional community support on a regular basis.

Asian community building and content creation
Our second proposal focuses on Asian community building and the creation of content in Chinese. With the help of our Chinese team member and our existing channels and connections, we aim to increase the overall presence of WAX in Asian communities.
In addition to that, we aim to work on the creation of educational content in Chinese, to facilitate Asian WAX community members in learning more about WAX and to increase the overall availability of information about WAX in Chinese.

State Track API (NFT API)
Our third, and final proposal, focuses on bringing the EOSIO State Track API to WAX. The API provides a number of features, but most notably, is able to fetch all NFT assets belonging to an account. The API works with both the Simple Assets and dGoods NFT standards, and can be extended to support other NFT standards in the future.

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Now you have a better idea of what our proposals are about, we are excited to tell you about the progress we’ve made on our proposals over the past month!

During the past month, we have been able to help many community members in both general, and more technical WAX channels. We have also published the following four articles about different aspects of WAX:

The first 2 articles are meant for beginning users, to help them understand WAX and the different features WAX has to offer, whereas the last 2 articles are meant for more advanced users, to help them gain more in-depth knowledge on various WAX (account) features.

All of our articles can be found on our Medium page.

In addition to the educational content we have been creating for the Western WAX community, we have also been working hard to create educational content for the Eastern WAX community. So far, we have published two articles for beginning users:

We have also continued to be present in various Asian channels and have helped a lot of users so far.

To further increase the presence of WAX in Asia, we have also been leveraging our connections in Asia to reach out to Chinese social media outlets, paving the way for future media coverage of WAX.

All of our (Chinese) articles can be found on our Bihu page.

Lastly, during the past month, the State Track API has been fully deployed and is operational on fault-tolerant servers in both Europe and Asia. Developers can now freely use the API to fetch all NFT assets belonging to an account and more!

The State Track API can be found here.

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We are very happy with the progress we have made so far on our proposals, and look forward to continue contributing to the WAX ecosystem in the future. We are also greatly satisfied with the performance of our infrastructure and are always looking at ways to further improve our infrastructure.

Founding block producer for the EOS mainnet. Block producer for the BOS mainnet. WAX Guild candidate. Partner in the Europechain sister chain. Investor in blockchain projects. Governance, intercultural cooperation, and security specialist. You can find us here:
EOS and Europechain Block Producer name: eosamsterdam
BOS Block Producer name: amsterdambos
WAX Guild name: amsterdamwax

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Founding block producer for the EOS Mainnet. WAX Guild. Partner in Europechain. Investor in blockchain projects.

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