How To Create A New WAX Account

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The WAX team automatically provides everyone with a WAX account, but for various purposes, you might want a second account. Whether it’s for testing things or for having an account with a certain name, creating a new WAX account is easy and cheap. In this article we will take you through the process of creating a new WAX account.

If you do not have a WAX account yet, follow the official guide on how to create one here.

Before you start creating your own WAX account it is recommended to make yourself familiar with how WAX accounts work first. If you are not familiar with how WAX accounts work yet, we recommend reading our article on understanding how EOS accounts work before continuing, since WAX accounts and EOS accounts function in a similar way.

Another thing you should do before continuing, is making sure your current WAX account is imported into Scatter (and the WAX network is turned on). If this is not the case yet, follow the official instructions on how to do it.

Generating key pairs

First of all you will have to generate two key pairs, which we will use to create the new account. You will generate two key pairs as you want your owner and active permissions to have different keys, as this is more secure. While you can use the same key for the owner and active permission, it is less secure and therefore not recommended to do so.

Generating the keys

To start, open Scatter, login, and click ‘Generate Key’ at the bottom right of the application. Then select ‘EOSIO’ and choose ‘Text’. The private key will now show. Make sure to save the private key in a safe and secure place. Click ‘Back’ and give the key a name (by clicking on the options button on the right of the key), so you can easily recognize it in the future. Then repeat the process to generate the second key.

When you are done generating your keys, you can move on to the next step.

Creating a WAX account

We will be using Bloks to create the new account. Start by making sure Scatter is open and unlocked, and click ‘Login’ on the top right of the page. Select Scatter (Auto) and continue. You should now be logged in with the active permission of your current account. Do not worry if this is not the case, click ‘Login’ again and select the correct permission from the list. Then navigate to ‘Create Account’ in the ‘Wallet’ section.

Creating the account

Fill in the correct information in the blanks, as can be seen in the image above. Use the public key of the key pairs you created in the previous step, these can be copied from Scatter by clicking on the options button on the right of the key and selecting ‘Copy public key’. You can leave the CPU stake, NET stake and RAM buy at the default options, as this will be sufficient in most cases and you can always stake and buy more in the future.

When you have verified everything, click ‘Create Account’ and sign the transaction using Scatter. You have now successfully created a new WAX account!

Refreshing the accounts linked to the key

There is only one step left before you are able to use the account using Scatter, refreshing the linked accounts. This ensures Scatter knows the key is linked to a certain permission on your new account. To refresh the linked accounts, go to the options menu on the right of the key and click ‘Refresh Accounts’. Scatter will then link the key to the permission on your account, which means you are able to use the account.

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