Light API Version 2 Released

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Over the past few months our CTO, well-known community member cc32d9, has been working hard on updating the EOSIO Light API to suit the needs of all applications and websites. Today we are glad to announce a new version of the Light API, version 2. This version supports non-standard token contracts, and also adds a few new features, such as CPU and network delegation information.

You can find the Light API here.

cc32d9 will continue developing the Light API and is looking forward to adding more features to the API.

The project is sponsored by multiple teams:
GetScatter : Engineering, hosting and maintenance for EOS mainnet.
EOS Geneva: Hosting for Jungle testnet
EOS Cafe Block: Development of new features.
Telos community: Development of additional features in Chronicle.
EOS Amsterdam and Newdex: Development of Version 2.
EOS Amsterdam: Hosting and maintenance for BOS mainnet

Founding block producer for the EOS Mainnet. Partner in the Europechain sister chain. Investor in blockchain projects. Governance, intercultural cooperation and Security specialist. You can find us here:
EOS Block Producer name: eosamsterdam
BOS Block Producer name: amsterdambos

Founding block producer for the EOS Mainnet. WAX Guild. Partner in Europechain. Investor in blockchain projects.

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