The Complete Guide To The WAX Cloud Wallet In 2021

What is the WAX Cloud Wallet?

How to create a WAX Cloud Wallet account

This is the name of your WAX (Cloud Wallet) account

Funding the account

  • Buying WAX directly using your creditcard
  • Buying WAX on an exchange and sending it to your account
  • Sending WAX from another WAX account
Use any of the available options to buy WAX with a cc

How to use the WAX Cloud Wallet

Sending a transaction

After clicking ‘Send WAX’, this window will pop up

Viewing and sending your NFTs

After clicking on the NFT, click on the ‘Transfer’ button

Adding resources

You only need to buy additional resources if you make a lot of transactions

Using a dApp

If you see a button allowing you to connect to the WAX Cloud Wallet under the login options , the dApp supports the WAX Cloud Wallet

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