WAX Rewards: How They Work And How To Get Them

Different kinds of WAX rewards

Staking rewards

Staking rewards (Source: WAX blog)
Calculating the stake weight (Source: WAX blog)

Genesis Block Member (GBM) rewards

  • The first way to get Genesis WAX tokens would have been during the token swap. If you held your own tokens during the token swap and have performed the token swap yourself (and have not unstaked these tokens yet), you have an amount of Genesis WAX tokens equal to the amount of tokens you swapped during the token swap. Performing the swap is no longer possible, though.
  • The second way to get Genesis WAX tokens is from staking rewards. As said above, the staking rewards are automatically staked 50/50 for CPU and NET after claiming them, and count as Genesis WAX tokens. This is the only way to get new Genesis WAX tokens at this moment.
Genesis WAX tokens compared to regular WAX tokens (Source: WAX blog)

Other rewards

Claiming the rewards

Logging into Bloks
Claiming the rewards

Staking your new rewards

Staking your GBM rewards

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