Why EOS Amsterdam Is Worthy Of Your Vote

Recent updates:
*Mutant Warriors set added
*Making US election data on EOS accessible
*Telos support added in the EOSIO NFT API

Since our inception in March 2018, EOS Amsterdam has grown a lot. What started as a team of 3 blockchain enthusiasts looking to make a difference on the EOS blockchain, has grown to become a team of 10 experienced and talented EOSIO enthusiasts who are working daily to contribute and add value to the EOSIO ecosystem. In this article, we would like to show you what we have done so far, what we have in store for the future, and most importantly, why we believe we are worthy of your vote.

The article has been divided into 4 main categories, namely ‘Chains & Tools’, ‘Community’, ‘Project’, and ‘Technical’, in order to improve the readability of the article. Within each category we have included several points which we consider most representative of the growth we have gone through, showcase some of our strongest features, and show what we have done during the past year.

Our team

Let’s start with our team. As said earlier, EOS Amsterdam was started by a team of 3 blockchain enthusiasts and currently consists of a team of 10 experienced and reputable EOSIO enthusiasts. The team has many combined years of experience in various industries, ranging from governance to security to entrepreneurship, and is currently working on many exciting projects such as Europechain and FACT.

Our current team consists of the following members:
Rhett Oudkerk Pool — Founder / CEO / Strategy
Jetse Sprey — Founder / Legal / Advisor
Marcel Knippen — Founder/Investor/Strategy
cc32d9 — CTO
Yannick Slenter — Community Relations Manager
Brian Lee — Chinese Community Leader
Alex Bausch — EOS Amsterdam and Europechain Ambassador
Daniel van Slochteren — Cyber Security Partner / EOS Amsterdam and Europechain Ambassador
Bas van der Lans — Wordpress Partner / EOS Amsterdam and Europechain Ambassador
Martijn van Eck — FinTech Ambassador

To read more about our team members, their experience and role within the team visit the team page on our website!

Chains & Tools

We are committed to supporting the whole EOSIO ecosystem, which is why we are operating on various EOSIO chains and are continuously working on developing and hosting our tools for these networks. EOS Amsterdam is currently operating on EOS, WAX, Telos, Europechain, BOS, Proton, Instar, and FIO.

Tools & APIs

As said above, we have also developed various tools for these networks, all of which we will list and explain below!

EOS P2P endpoint

Since the start of EOS Amsterdam, we have been running our publicly queryable P2P endpoint. The endpoint uses the latest version of the EOSIO technology and has been used by countless people so far. The endpoint can be found in our bp.json file!


The EOSIO Light API is providing information about EOSIO blockchain accounts and token balances.It has a lot of different functionalities and is available for all EOSIO chains (EOS, BOS, WAX, etc.). The Light API has also recently been upgraded to version 2, which added support for non-standard token contracts and also added a couple of other features, such as CPU and network delegation information.

All of these functionalities have made the Light API the go-to API for a lot of top EOSIO tools such as wallets, blockchain explorers and exchanges. As can be seen in the ‘chain data’ section of bloks.io for example.


Another one of our APIs is the State Track API (NFT API). The API provides a number of features, but most notably, is able to fetch all NFT assets belonging to an account. The API works with both the Simple Assets and dGoods NFT standards, and can will be able to support other NFT standards in the future as well!

State history snapshots

In addition to our APIs we are hosting an updated list of state history snapshots of various EOSIO chains as well. We are currently hosting state history snapshots of EOS, BOS, Telos, WAX, and the Jungle testnet. The snapshots can be found here.


We aim to accelerate EOSIO mass adoption through security, governance, and intercultural cooperation, which is why we consider the community aspect of our operations paramount. We have listed our most notable actions and operations focusing on the EOSIO community below.

Bridging the global EOS community

EOS Amsterdam focuses on different communities and has always aimed to bridge communities in the East and West. We have done so by attending and hosting meetups, conferences, and more around the world, by connecting with Chinese and Korean enterprises, and by making sure our website is available in both Chinese and English.

We have also been focusing on publishing all kinds of useful articles and explanatory videos to give everyone an opportunity to learn about EOSIO and the various chains that use it. This is a key concept for us as we believe EOSIO blockchains should be available for everyone.

Expertise in governance and authors of the EOS Community Constitution

We consider governance to be a valuable asset of EOSIO technology. Our team has expertise in (digital) governance and most notably has Jetse Sprey, who has over twenty years of experience in all legal aspects of technology and is a partner in a reputable legal firm. Jetse has also leveraged his expertise and co-authored the EOS Community Constitution (ECC). We have been critical about the EOS User Agreement and have seen many of our predictions play out.

Using our experience in governance we have been able to help enterprises, projects, and various chains with the legal aspect of their operations. The Europechain legal documents, for example, have been created by Jetse.

Our expertise in digital governance has proven to be very useful when it comes to resolving situations in the grey area that is the legal side of blockchains, even more so considering our candidacy on multiple chains, each with their own rules and laws.

Active community support

Members of our team are never sitting still, and this shows in various EOSIO channels as well. Members of the EOS Amsterdam team are continuously helping people with all kinds of questions and problems in many of the EOSIO channels, ranging from simple problems to elaborate technical problems. These contributions have made cc32d9 one of the most recognizable names in the EOSIO community.

EOS Amsterdam has partnered with universities

We have always had a focus on universities, as we believe universities are prime blockchain growth targets where many people are interested in blockchain technology.

As a knowledgeable entity within the blockchain space, we consider it our duty to educate others about EOSIO and blockchain technology in general. As a result of this, we are working on partnering with several universities, and have already partnered with the Polytechnical University in Valencia with our sister company Kahuna. In 2018, Kahuna even got chosen as the most valuable partner of the university.

We are also working on creating EOSIO and blockchain related courses and curricula together with our university partners as both students and universities are interested in these topics, and we are proud to say members of our team have already given various lectures to students at the university of Geneva!

This focus on education also shows in the educational articles which we have always posted, which we will talk more about in the next point.

Creating educational content

As said above, we strongly believe in educating others on EOSIO and blockchain technology, which is why we have been putting a lot of effort into creating educational content for people of varying technical ability. We have previously partnered with EOSBootcamp, a website with blockchain related courses, to make our content more widely available and have our content available as easy-to-follow courses. And on top of that, we are regular contributors to Hacker Noon, a major tech publication, which increases the reach of our content even more. Lastly, we have translated our most popular articles to Chinese, in order to make them available to the Asian communities as well!

Our articles aim to explain all sides of blockchain and EOSIO technology in a clear and understandable way. Some of the articles we have published so far explain how EOS accounts work, how to use your WAX account and how to create EOS accounts using a Ledger device. We plan on continuing these efforts in the future and look forward to educating many more people on these subjects in the future.

All of our articles can be found here. Our Chinese articles can be found here.

Making US election data on EOS accessible

The 2020 US presidential has taken place and tons of voter data has come in. The Associated Press has been working hard to make all voter data as available as possible, and has been publishing the U.S. election race calls on both Ethereum and EOS. However, the AP has not provided any tools for extracting the data, which is why we have created a new tool!

The tool collects the election data from EOS and stores it in a publicly accessible MariaDB/MySQL server. More information can be found in our announcement here!

You can also find our discussion of ‘blockchainizing’ elections here!


At EOS Amsterdam, we aim to contribute to the EOSIO community in all kinds of ways, ranging from creating educational content, bridging the East and the West, but also by initiating our own projects. We have listed our biggest and most exciting projects below.


Europechain is a GDPR compliant blockchain platform. Powered by the EOSIO protocol, it is managed and governed by experienced block producers registered in the European Union. Europechain brings together an ecosystem of technology providers, system integrators and commercial partners, enabling global enterprises to deploy scalable, resilient and EU compliant applications.

The blockchain has been live since 15–07–2019 and has been the home of many interesting products and services!


FACT is one of these products on Europechain. It is a powerful tool to capture events and evidence and record the data as FACTs onto the blockchain for audit and traceability. FACT is flexible and fully customisable to work with your existing processes. Simple for users, powerful for businesses. It delivers a toolbox for the recording of events using a simple smartform. Data is captured and then recorded on Europechain, proving that what is recorded is factual and accurate.

FACT has also proven to be a very valuable tool for remote workforce management and monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Another project we have been working on with Europechain is the Giftvoucher.online platform. It’s an online gift voucher platform which combines the best features of gift vouchers with the best features of blockchain technology.

Gift vouchers are secured using the Europechain blockchain and can be used like any other gift voucher. This is increases both transparency and integrity of gift vouchers! You can read more about it here!


Fonto is a project by our CTO, cc32d9, and made possible by EOS Amsterdam and others. Fonto aims to tackle counterfeit products through the use of NFC labels and blockchain technology. Currently, €60 billion is lost annually as a result of counterfeit products.

RFID tags used nowadays can be faked and duplicated, and the origin of signatures is often difficult to trace. Fonto proposes to attach NFC labels to each of these products, and placing a cryptographically protected and tamper-proof signature on each of these labels. Products can then be easily verified using a mobile application (even offline!) and the origin of goods and signatures is easy to trace.

Additionally, this allows buyers and sellers on secondary markets to proof the authenticity and history of products.

Mutant Warriors

In collaboration with R2 Collectibles, we have released the Mutant Warriors NFT collectibles set on 31–10–2020 on the WAX network!

One of the premium reward cards!

The set consists of 30 different cards with varying rarities and effects which look amazing! Furthermore, the set features various new and interesting mechanics and will continue to receive updates and engaging promos. It has already brought many new collectors into the blockchain space and we look forward to onboarding more users.

More information on the set can be found on the official website! You can buy the packs and cards here!


While we value the community aspect of our operations highly, we consider the technical side of our operations to be equally important. After all, the soundness of our systems (partially) determines the soundness of the blockchains on which we operate.

Reliable and fast server infrastructure

Our team has many combined years of experience in deploying and working with complex systems in various industries. We used this experience to set up a robust and reliable infrastructure capable of supporting many different EOSIO chains. We believe in continuously monitoring and improving our infrastructure and making sure our infrastructure is up to the task. Additionally, due to our decentralized server infrastructure we are well prepared against any outages or other problems.

Due to how our infrastructure is set up we are also able to quickly adapt and upgrade our hardware if the network demands it.

Running the latest EOSIO technology

We are committed to continuously monitoring and improving our infrastructure, but that’s not all. We consider the technology that runs on our infrastructure to be equally important, which is why we are devoted to running the latest EOSIO technology. All of our nodes are currently using the newest version of EOSIO (v2.0).

Our commitment towards using the best and newest technology also shows in our latest WAX worker proposal, which proposes to facilitate the upgrade of the WAX network to EOSIO 2.0. The proposal has recently been accepted and the work has been completed, making WAX one of the first EOSIO blockchains to use EOSIO 2.0.

Highly ranked Eurozone Block Producer

At the moment of writing, the Eurozone is poorly represented on various EOSIO chains, as there are only a couple of Eurozone Block Producers/Guilds. Due to the decentralized nature of EOSIO chains we believe it is of high importance that Block Producers/Guilds are located in all parts of the world. EOS Amsterdam is, as the name suggests, located in Amsterdam and has it’s nodes located in both Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Having the Eurozone represented on these chains is important to preserve the integrity of the chains and we believe we make an excellent candidate to fill this empty spot.

We hope to have earned your vote and look forward to contributing to the EOSIO ecosystem in the future.

About us

Founding block producer for the EOS mainnet. Telos, Proton, BOS, and FIO Block Producer. Active top WAX Guild. Partner in the Europechain sister chain. Investor in blockchain projects. Governance, intercultural cooperation, and security specialist. You can find us here:
EOS, Europechain, and Proton Block Producer name: eosamsterdam
BOS Block Producer name: amsterdambos
Telos Block Producer name: amsterdam
FIO Block Producer name: bp@eosamsterdam
WAX Guild name: amsterdamwax

Founding block producer for the EOS Mainnet. WAX Guild. Partner in Europechain. Investor in blockchain projects.