In July 2020, the State Track API was developed by our CTO (a.k.a. cc32d9) on request of the EOSIO wallet Scatter, with the goal of collecting and providing the information about NFT ownership, and returning the list of assets quickly.

The API has been hosted by EOS Amsterdam, starting from July 2020, and has mainly been used for displaying SimpleAssets data in the Bloks block explorer, as well as other projects. …

An NFT drop is very versatile and can be used to launch a sale, or to give away a promo NFT, and more. However, creating a drop can be difficult and the steps can be confusing. In this article, we will discuss the complete process of creating an NFT drop on the WAX blockchain.

If you would like to learn more about NFTs on WAX, you can find our complete guide here!

Creating a collection

Before you can create a drop you will need to create a collection and some templates. This can be done easily through the ‘NFT Creator’ on Atomichub.


NFTs are getting a lot of attention at the moment, with many great collections being released every week. You might have an idea for a collection, but how can you actually create one? And what do you need exactly? In this article, we’ll take you through the process of creating your own NFT collection on WAX from start to finish!

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs or nifties, are unique tokens which represent a unique object. This means there are no NFTs which are 100% similar. Furthermore, NFTs are non-divisible, meaning they can’t be split up like regular/fungible tokens.

The US presidential election is taking place at the moment, and with more and more data coming in, the next president of the US is almost known. The Associated Press is working hard to make all voter data as available as possible, and is publishing the U.S. election race calls on both Ethereum and EOS. However, the AP has not provided any tools for extracting the data, which is why we have created the following tool!

Data extraction tool

This tool collects the election data from EOS and stores it in a publicly accessible MariaDB/MySQL server.

Each transaction contains a text string in…

Block.One has recently proposed a new EOS resource model which aims to solve some of the problems that exist with the current EOS resource model. In this article, we will explain the current EOS resource model, the new EOS resource model, and our opinion on the new model.

The current EOS resource model

Before we start explaining and reacting to the new EOS resource model, let’s first explain the current one, and why there is a need for a new one.

EOS resources

On EOS there are 3 resources: CPU, network and RAM, which all allow users to do different things. …

WAX can be held in various wallets, with each wallet serving a unique purpose. Some might be meant for everyday use, while others have a focus on security. In this article, we will showcase the different kinds of WAX wallets and we will help you choose which wallet is best for you.

If you would like to learn how WAX accounts work before continuing, click here.

An overview of different kinds of WAX wallets

We will explain three kinds of WAX wallets, namely managed wallets, such as the WAX Cloud Wallet, self-managed wallets, such as Scatter, and lastly, hardware wallets, such as a Ledger. …

EOS Amsterdam is constantly working on contributing to the EOSIO ecosystem, and we have recently released a new EOSIO smart contract, “filehashfact”, which allows content creators to sign their work on the blockchain.

The workflow is pretty simple: the author of the content takes a SHA256 checksum from their file, and submits an “addfile” action to the smart contract. The contract then memorizes the the author’s account name, date and transaction ID of the submission, as well as the supplied file name and description.

Any third party can co-sign (endorse) the file, with an optional memo text, confirming the authenticity…

WAX accounts have become very easy to use with the WAX Cloud Wallet, but for those who do not plan on using their account regularly, a more secure account, such as a WAX account using a Ledger device is often preferred. In this article, we will explain how to move your current account to your Ledger device.

Why would you use a Ledger?

With the wide availability of crypto wallets, with some, such as the WAX Cloud Wallet, even allowing you to login using your social accounts, you might be wondering why you would use a hardware wallet like a Ledger.

Hardware wallets tend to be…

The EOSIO Light API is one of the most-used APIs in the whole EOSIO ecosystem, which is why we are excited to announce that EOS Amsterdam will be covering all hosting costs of the Light API, starting next month. In this announcement, we will further elaborate this decision and what it means for the community.

About the Light API

The Light API is an infrastructure service that allows users to look up various information about EOSIO accounts, such as:

  • Searching for accounts by keys;
  • Finding all token balances for an account;
  • Displaying REX balance for an account;
  • Displaying all CPU and NET delegations made…

EOS Amsterdam CTO, cc32d9, recently submitted a new proposal in the new WAX worker proposal system. The proposal received enough votes to meet the threshold very quickly! We will explain the proposal, and what this means for WAX, below.

The proposal

The proposal aims to support the WAX ecosystem in upgrading to EOSIO 2.0, the latest version of the EOSIO software. More specifically, the proposal includes the following:

WAX core software is based on’s EOSIO core, with an addition of an intrinsic function for RSA signature verification. The current WAX core release is based on EOSIO version 1.8.4. is developing…

EOS Amsterdam

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